Vega able to play as many as 14,000 games

Sir Clive Sinclair launching new ZX Spectrum computer

Sir Clive Sinclair is crowdfunding a new ZX Spectrum computer on Indiegogo that is creators claim comes loaded with 1,000 games.

The Sinclair Spectrum Vega will cost £100 and will also be able to run all 14,000 Sinclair Spectrum games, some of which will be made available for download free of charge. Users will also be able to load up their own games via an SD card.

The campaign aims to raise £100,000 to manufacture the first 1,000 units of the Vega within the UK and prepare it for the second production run of 3,000 units.

The tiny computer, that also acts as a controller, is being marketed by Luton-based firm Retro Computers Ltd, of which Sinclair Research is a shareholder. The development and marketing of the Vega is under licence from Sky-In-Home Service Ltd, which obtained the rights to the Spectrum from Amstrad.

Discussions are currently taking place with software rights owners to donate royalties to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The company’s chairman David Levy had his own life saved by the hospital when he was diagnosed with meningitis as a three-year old.

You can find more information on the crowdfunding campaign here.

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