Games trade association seeks to promote industry-related education in the national curriculum

TIGA outlines plans to reform game education

TIGA has published a ‘Training, Education and Skills’ manifesto detailing changes to the way it believes the national curriculum should operate. The suggestions heavily promote skills relating to video games development.

In the education manifesto foreword, TIGA states that a pilot SME Training Tax Relief (TTR) should be launched as a tax credit for staff and education outreach activities within the industry.

It also describes the need for ‘generous’ bursaries for trainee teachers in mathematics and the sciences, as well as larger golden hellos for these disciplines, and the wiping of student loans for teachers remaining in these
disciplines for a set length of time.

More generally, the manifesto declares the need for greater expenditure on higher education, as well as heavier promotion of the video games industry
as a career option in schools.

It also suggests reducing tuition fees for students studying maths and computer science degrees, stating that the cuts could come from either individual universities or by Government intervention.

Industrial secondments in higher education are also suggested, specifically between universities and games businesses.

Finally, the manifesto seeks to promote the further funding of ‘blue sky’ research at top gaming universities, which, it states, should be protected as it stands, and increased in the future.

The manifesto foreword can be read here.

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