Developers speak out in droves on one of the biggest policy breakthroughs in years

UK games tax relief: Devs’ shock and jubilation

Leading developers across the UK games industry have expressed their delight at the Treasury’s decision to establish a games tax breaks policy in Britain.

Today the coalition sent shockwaves across the sector by declaring its support for games tax relief, two years after it branded such a measure as “poorly targeted”.

The industry has fought vehemently for the last six years to bring in tax relief to the country to help it compete on the global stage and avert the UK ‘brain drain’, and developers have spoken out in droves on what it could mean for the country.

“Congratulations must go to the Chancellor, the Government and its officials in making this long hoped-for decision,” said Jason Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

“It will save jobs and companies, promote growth, build financial confidence and bring in much needed export income from around the world.

It is exciting that they have made such a positive move and we look forward to working with them on the details of implementation.”

Crytek’s MD Karl Hilton added: "This is the right decision for the future of the UK games industry and consumers across the world who enjoy playing British made games.
Tiga’s victory will enable the UK games sector to compete on a more even playing field. It will also promote the creation of high skilled jobs, enhance investment and stimulate an export focused industry.”

Blitz Games Studios CEO Philip Oliver also expressed his delight over the announcement.

“Tiga has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of our industry in political circles and today’s decision is proof that this campaign has paid off,” he said.

“It is fantastic that the Government is supporting Tiga’s Games Tax Relief and we are sure that this measure will grow the industry, create more jobs and lead to higher tax revenues for Government in the future. It is a great result for the games industry and for the UK economy.”

Dundee studio Denki’s MD Colin Anderson agreed that tax breaks would be a great boon for the UK game’s industry, and praised trade body Tiga’s work on helping to keep up the pressure on the government and make it happen.

"Games Tax Relief will stimulate much needed investment and innovation in one of the UK’s leading knowledge based industries,” he said.

“The leadership Tiga has demonstrated throughout this debate has played a decisive role in getting Games Tax Relief on the political agenda and proposed into today’s Budget. Tiga has shown once again that it delivers results for its members and for the wider games industry.”

Gareth Edmondson of Thumbstar Games said: “I am delighted the Coalition Government has finally backed Tiga’s call for Games Tax Relief. This is a real triumph for UK developers.”

CEO of nDreams Patrick O’Luanaigh added: “The Government has made a wise investment by committing to Tiga’s Games Tax Relief today and the whole of the UK industry will applaud them for this decision.

“Tiga has fought a great campaign on behalf of UK developers and digital publishers. With this result, the UK video games industry should attract more investment and will create more high skilled jobs.”

Andrew Eades, CEO of Brighton studio Relentless also said: “UKdevelopers have been competing on an uneven global playfield. Today’s decision by the Government to back Tiga tax break campaign will help ensure that we can remain competitive in the global market.”

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