Scaleform GFx 3.0 released in tandem with Epicâ??s latest engine update

Unreal Engine 3 integrates with new UI tool

User-interface middleware firm Scaleform has launched its latest UI production tool deliberately in-line with the release of the updated Unreal 3 engine.

Scaleform GFx 3.0 is the company’s latest tool used to produce high-quality user-interface designs, adopting hardware-accelerated Adobe Flash-based scalable vector graphics and video.

The middleware is said to be fully integrated into the Unreal Engine 3’s graphical rendering system, and is promised to allow artists to create “scalable data-driven Flash UI elements for videos, menuing systems, overlays, HUDs and animated textures directly on 3D objects.”

Scaleform, based in Maryland USA, claims that GFx 3 can effectively communicate with the Unreal Editor, UnrealScript, Unreal Kismet, packaging, threading, and also the Unreal Gemini renderer.

In releasing its product in tandem with the updated Unreal Engine 3, Scaleform is aiming to convey the malleability of GFx 3 with Epic’s popular cross-platform engine.

“Scaleform is the first Integrated Partner to offer a simultaneous release with an Unreal Engine QA-approved build,” said Epic company president Michael Capps. “We applaud Scaleform for its commitment to maintain such great support for Unreal Engine 3 and our shared customers going forward.”

Brendan Iribe, president of Scaleform said that the group has “invested heavily in making our integration with Unreal Engine 3 work really well”

“We want to ensure licensees have a seamless and smooth development process. Maintaining compatibility with every QA release of the Unreal Engine is a top priority for us,” he added.

To read Epic Vice President Mark Rein’s recent analysis on the updated Unreal Engine, click here.

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