US: ESA to fight violent games bill

The Entertainment Software Association has vowed to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed legislation that would illegalise the sale of violent games to minors in the US.

Though it might seem strange to UK readers, it is currently not illegal to sell mature games to kids in the US. Previous attempts to introduce such legislation have always been countered with the argument that it would contravene the country’s first amendment.

Courts throughout the country have ruled consistently that content-based regulation of computer and video games is unconstitutional,” ESA president and CEO Michael Gallagher stated.

Research shows that the public agrees, video games should be provided the same protections as books, movies and music. A poll recently conducted by KRC Research found that 78 per cent believe video games should be afforded first amendment protection.

We look forward to presenting our arguments in the Supreme Court of the United States and vigorously defending the works of our industry’s creators, storytellers and innovators.”

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