VIDEO: Emily Kaldwin is all grown up in Dishonored 2’s first trailer

The sequel to Bethesda’s 2012 stealth-action title Dishonored will feature the choice of two sneaky protagonists.

Set 15 years after the first game, Dishonored 2 marks the return of hero Corvo Attano.

However, he will be joined by Emily Kaldwin, whom fans will remember as the child heir to the throne kidnapped during the events of the original title – before being rescued by Corvo.

Now aged 25, Emily has been usurped from her throne, leaving her on the hunt to reclaim her title.

She is equipped with a set of new supernatural abilities including, as demonstrated in the trailer, the ability to transform into a smoke creature, as well as a tentacle-like arm that serves as a form of grappling hook.

Players will be able to explore the new coastal settlement of Karnaca as either Corvo or Emily, the latter of who is voiced by Kick-Ass, Amityville Horror and Hugo actress Chlo Grace Moretz.

No release period was announced for Dishonored 2, but the game will be coming to PC, Ps4 and Xbox One.

Watch the first teaser for the title below:

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