Rare now focused on Kinect

Scott Henson, the new studio manager of Microsoft owned developer Rare, has told MCV that he expects the studio to work exclusively on Kinect-compatible software going forwards.

Kinect will be the main focus for Rare going forwards as it’s a very rich canvas,” he told MCV. This is just the beginning of an experience that will touch millions of people.”

Furthermore, Henson has a clear vision for the studio – to create software that can literally be enjoyed by anyone.

My vision for Rare is the same today as it has always been – they have great vision, they are very creative and they take big bold risks to create groundbreaking experiences. We love taking risks and really pushing the boundaries of what people can do, and we’re really excited to see what it means to explore the boundaries of controller-free gaming. I think Rare’s future will continue to push those boundaries, continue to use Kinect as the basis for innovation.

I have a personal passion for bringing every one of my family members into the gaming fold – literally everyone. Over the next couple of years I’d like to look at every single family member and hear that they’ve had a great time playing Xbox 360 with Kinect and I want them all to say yes. I want to look back and see the millions of new gamers I’ve bought into the fold as a result.”

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