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After five years of development, a wholly independent Oddworld Inhabitants is back to take the puzzle platformer in an epic, cinematic new direction. Lorne Lanning and Bennie Terry III talk to Seth Barton about distributed development, stunning cinematics, Unity, crunch, a technical moonshot and their PlayStation Plus deal.

Chris Wallace reaches out to some of the leading experts in the Scottish games industry to get a sense of the country’s wealth of opportunities. Plus we reveal the size of that industry today thanks to a brand new survey.

The Xbox Store has finally gone multilingual, with clear tagging for all varieties of language support. Seth Barton talks to Microsoft’s Briana Roberts about the update and how publishers and developers can support it.

Wired is all set to have its biggest year to date, and it kicked off with this week’s Wired Direct. Seth Barton talks to Leo Zullo about the stream, looks at the company’s slick new Black Edition label, and discusses its Brexit woes.

Want your story to drive your game rather than vice-versa? Then the open-source Ink is ready to serve. Seth Barton talks to Inkle’s Jon Ingold and Failbetter’s Emily Short about a tool that puts writing first.

CCP is making a shooter, and the London-based team responsible has a new studio head in Adrian Blunt. Seth Barton catches up with him to find out about the project to date, the team he’s now building and his ambitions for the title

Last year an internal consolidation brought publisher Bigben Interactive and accessories brand Nacon together under the Nacon brand. Now a year on, the publisher is announcing a new series of five simulator titles which will let players step into the shoes of various professions. Seth Barton talks to head of publishing Benoit Clerc.

Warp Digital is ramping up its operations, with a new focus on triple-A co-development. Chris Wallace gets behind the scenes to learn about the company’s new direction, and discuss an upcoming title set in the Dune universe.

Unsigned is MCV/DEVELOP’s new monthly initiative to bring the very best upcoming indie titles to broader industry awareness – and specifically to help such titles find the support and partners they need to make the biggest impact possible. In partnership with Unity, we take a look at The Architect: Paris, Star Shaman, Moo Lander and Morbid Metal.

For this month’s The Art Of…, Seth Barton talks to pixel art master Henk Nieborg about Xeno Crisis and the upcoming Battle Axe.

And finally for When We Made, Chris Wallace gets behind the scenes of Gang Beasts: an anarchic multiplayer brawler informed by the developers’ childhood.

Plus there’s our recent industry hires and moves, development regulars and our Final Boss, who this month is Polygon Treehouse’s Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou.

The latest digital edition can be read here for free (and is embedded below) and here are the full contents of this month’s issue:

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