Riot is finally introducing crowdfunding for League of Legends prize pools

Riot Games has responded to criticism of how it assists LoL teams financially by adding crowd funding options to the Worlds and MSI prize pools.

Starting with Worlds 2016, which starts in just a few days, League of Legends players will be able to add to the prize pool by buying in game items. 25% of revenue from each year’s Championship skin and Championship Ward will be added to the Worlds prize pool, so this year buying Championship Zed will boost the prize pool a small amount.

Starting next year 25% of revenue from sales of the Challenger skin will be added to the prize pool for the Mid Season Invitational.

Additionally to support the top teams 25% of revenue from sales of the Team Championship skins will be given to the players that inspired the skin, along with their team and league. This will also be introduced retroactively, so all former world champions are in for a nice pay day.

Of course that is all great for teams that end up doing well at, or even just make it to, worlds, but not so great for those that don’t. So to combat that Riot will be introducing improvements to team branded in game items, giving more options to bring in money directly from their most loyal fans.

In order to assist teams in the short term each league will set aside a certain amount per team to help them out. In the EU LCS each team will have €100,000, of which 50% will go directly to the players.

Riot has also promised improvements in terms of advertising deals and merchandising but didn’t go into specifics just yet.

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