Safe In Our World and BAFTA are teaming up for a games industry mental health summit

A games industry mental health summit will take place in London next month.

BAFTA will open their doors at 195 Piccadilly in London on May 22, 2023 for the event, which will be a jam-packed day of keynotes, panels, workshops, and roundtables on mental health by both industry experts and clinical consultants. 

The summit is designed to be open to people in the industry at every level, regardless of whether they’re a BAFTA member or not, and will cost its visitors no more than £10 a ticket. Advice will be presented on a variety of relevant topics at the event, including avoiding burnout, dealing with negative community sentiment, reaching out for help if you need it, how leaders can foster mental well-being in their companies, and more.

“With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem of some kind in the UK, we’re always striving to create a more open dialogue around mental health within the games industry,” said Sarah Sorrell, charity manager at Safe In Our World. “Partnering with BAFTA has given us the opportunity to dedicate a whole day to helping our industry peers access vital and even life-saving information.” 

“Games are an incredible art form that require a wealth of creative and technical expertise and hard work to make. As with any creative medium, the creative talents behind them dedicate a great deal of time and energy to their creations and, sometimes, the pressures they face can be high,” added Luke Hebblethwaite, head of games at BAFTA.

“Mental health issues can affect any and all of us, so it is crucial we empower both individuals and businesses in games with the knowledge and tools to be able to recognise, understand, and address the well-being of both ourselves and those around us in order to ensure the games we love do not come at the cost of the health of those making them. We are delighted to be collaborating with Safe In Our World, who do excellent work in this space, and to use BAFTA’s platform to help elevate mental health discussions in our industry.”

A full list of speakers for Safe In Our World and BAFTA’s mental health summit will be confirmed within the next 2 weeks.

If you’re interested in getting a ticket, you can do that here.

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