Samsung concludes Galaxy Note 7 investigation

It is understood that Samsung now knows why its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 handsets were catching fire.

Wired reports that the Korean tech giant has ended its investigation into the cause of the problems, and has handed its findings over to a number of regulatory bodies. What it has concluded, however, remains unknown.

Others have conducted tests of their own, including engineering company Instrumental. It reckons the ultra slim battery used in the Note 7 had two physical flaws.

Firstly, the gap separating the positive and negative layers was too thin, increasing the chance of the elements touching and sparking. Secondly, these types of batteries actually swell. Normally around ten per cent extra space is factored into the design to account for this – but not in the Note 7, where the battery completely filled the allotted space.

Reports elsewhere have recently claimed that Samsung will be using the new LG Chemical batteries in the Galaxy 8, which seems to have been delayed until April 2017.

Note 7 owners who are yet to turn in their potentially explosive devices, incidentally, are finding themselves subject to ever tightening restrictions.

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