Scottish Games Week hosts first successful celebration of Scotland’s booming games industry

Scottish Games Week has announced that its first event has been a success.

Intended to “highlight the amazing talent and enormous potential of Scotland’s pioneering and diverse games ecosystem”, the event took place over five days and three cities at the end of October. 

Scottish Games Week saw hundreds of people attend the many varied games showcases, speakers and seminars, as well as the first-ever Scottish Games Awards show. It was delivered by the Scottish Games Network and saw financial support from the Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund.

“The goal of this first Scottish Games Week was to showcase the whole games ecosystem across Scotland as it exists in 2022 and highlight the importance and value of games to the country’s future,” said Brian Baglow, director of Scottish Games Week. “I believe we’ve achieved that and have created a real catalyst for change and a far broader acceptance of games and their potential as a key digital and creative sector in Scotland.

“The support we have received from the Scottish Government, the industry across Scotland – and worldwide – has proven there’s a real appetite for this sort of event and shows the passion and enthusiasm that exists across the country, from colleges and universities through to the largest studios.”

“I’d like to thank every single person who took a leap of faith and got involved in Scottish Games Week 2022. The feedback so far has been incredibly positive and supportive. We’re already looking at how we will return in 2023.”

If you’d like to find out more about Scottish Games Week, or look at photos of the 2022 event, you can do that over on their website.

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