Slitherine and CreativeForge Games to create new studio in Warsaw

Slitherine and CreativeForge Games have announced that they’re teaming up for a new studio that will be named Slitherine Poland. They’ll be based in the city of Warsaw, and will work on both original properties and licensed games.

Slitherine and CreativeForge have an established industry relationship already, and are expected to release two games (Stargate: Timekeepers and Ancient Arenas: Chariots) to market in the near-future. Slitherine Poland will take over the development work of both of those games, as well as other soon to be announced projects. A lot of the current Slitherine Poland employees were already working on the titles, so not much has changed behind the scenes. The studio is likely to expand in the near future however, to accommodate its ever-growing workload.

“Most of our development efforts are done through existing third-party partners,” said Slitherine’s CEO Iain McNeil. “Opening a new internal development studio is a big step in the direction of having full control over key projects, but it’s also an investment in people, and in a country that is thriving and has the professional ability to deliver high-quality products for a competitive market.”

“The aim of Slitherine Poland is to combine the development skills of Creative Forge and the development and publishing experience of Slitherine,” said CreativeForge Games’ CEO Piotr Karbowski. “It is also a fundamental step in the direction of increasing the team’s focus entirely on the production of the games and leaving all other tasks to Slitherine.”

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