Sony reminds us of its real power

The console’s new price cut and redesign addresses many of the quibbles on both sides.

But while it’s all well and good Sony saying that the sales will now pick up (as Andrew House did in MCV last week – and discusses in more depth on page 16), what’s more fascinating is how Sony plans to make that happen.

This week’s news of an 80m marketing drive for Europe – with 12m alone spent in the UK – plus the firm’s designs on ‘converting’ Wii owners looking to try something in HD, is bold and ambitious.

About bloody time. Sony’s been careful to shake off an unfortunate image of arrogance in recent years – I’m sure the same accusations are now levelled at current generation incumbent Nintendo – but now it has every right to be boastful.

All of which means the battle to win back market share (regardless of whether or not Microsoft tries to spoil the arrival of the slim PS3) is going to be interesting to watch.

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