Sonys Pub Fund offers invaluable assistance

The recently-announced Pub Fund – a scheme where Sony matches development budgets of digital games in return for PlayStation exclusivity – should be a serious consideration for any independent developer.

That was the sentiment offered by James Brooksby, Studio Head of Doublesix; the first developer to release a game – Burn Zombie Burn – under the initiative.

Speaking to Develop, Brooksby says that if you’re an independent developer thinking ‘how on earth do I get this game out there’, then I think there’s a number of other ways in which the Pub Fund can help you, not least because Sony suddenly has a more vested interest in your product’s success.”

The Pub Fund scheme, which was announced by Sony’s Chris Eden at GDC09, promises to equal the development costs of self-published titles in return for platform exclusivity. Brooksby is confident that Sony will provide invaluable development and marketing assistance” for any developer that takes part in the scheme.

Brooksby added, however, that the quid pro quo of exclusivity for the platform holder was still something that developers had to deeply consider.

Full story over at Develop.

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