Square Enix explains decision behind Deus Ex mobile

Deus Ex: The Fall may not be heading to Xbox One and PS4 expected, but Square Enix says it’s all part of a plan to shake up the mobile space.

Speaking to MCV, Square Enix Europe’s marketing director Jon Brooke said the new game will show the untapped potential for console-style games on mobile devices.

"This isn’t about tablets vs next gen," he said. "We’re a big publisher, so you know we’ll be showing next gen gaming at E3 next week.

"We’re as serious about next gen as we are about tablet gaming."

"As a publisher, we believe all platforms present opportunities and if you create the right content, we believe we can have success.

"It’s not just about next gen for us: it’s about PC gaming, tablets, browsers. Wherever there is an audience, it’s about creating great content that’s suited to their needs."

Brooke added that mobile users have been fed too many "watered down and light versions" of console games, promising that Deus Ex: The Fall will be a true HD experience like Human Revolution.

"I don’t think many companies understand what you can do with these platforms," he said.

"We’re trying to showcase what the platform can do by building a game from the ground up."

Deus Ex: The Fall was announced today for mobiles and tablets. More will be revealed at E3 next week before the game launches this summer.

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