Terry Cavanagh’s Don’t Look Back arrives on iOS

Super Hexagon and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh has released his indie classic Don’t Look Back on iOS and Android.

That’s despite a temporary setback earlier this week when Apple rejected the submission due to the inclusion of the following text in its app description:

Your app marketing text contains the following: ‘There are no in-app purchases or any of that nonsense’. It would be appropriate to remove or revise this content.”

In addition, Cavanagh has said that the release – which is free – is a possible first stepping-stone toward a smartphone release of VVVVVV.

Revisiting Don’t Look Back was a pretty strange experience,” he wrote. It’s quite old now – I made it in January 2009 – and I hadn’t actually played it in some time. Despite numerous flaws which are glaringly apparent to me now, it remains a game I’m extremely proud of making.

2009, incidentally, is also the year that I made almost all of VVVVVV. One of the reasons I thought this port might be fun to do is that I’m considering an iOS and Android port for VVVVVV, so I’m seeing it as kind of a ‘trial run’. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, and I’m not promising anything – but I’m definitely thinking about it.”

Cavanagh told MCV last month that his previous release, Super Hexagon, does not hate players, despite its brutal difficulty.

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