The 2009 reality check

Director Brian de Palma delivers us a classmate shuffling up to the grave of the film’s eponymous star. She kneels to lay a small wreath, only for Carrie’s arm to shoot up and make a grab.

She’s alive! Or is she? This graphic metaphor was offered by EA chief exec John Riccitiello to MCV when considering the health of ‘lesser’ rivals.

Seven years on, not a huge amount has changed. Acclaim crashed in 2004, but there is no shortage of players. The total number of developers and publishers has increased with global growth.

One publisher boss, reflecting on a poor week in terms of losses and cuts, told me five rivals could go this year. He also thought it would be a good thing.Others will argue for diversity and competition, but one does wonder if a collapse or two is coming.

After all, a comment under that YouTube clip could just as easily be about some suppliers as poor old Carrie White. I knew it was going to happen, but was still shocked and surprised about it happening.”

Welcome to the 2009 reality check.


For us foreigners, E3 Expo is hoping to make a comeback this year. After two years of being a local event for local people (albeit the $21bn US market), international attendees are genuinely welcome once again.

Sega expects to see its customers visit the LA Convention Center this year, whilst MCV returning as a partner shows that E3 is feeling less insular. Sure, you have to get accreditation and find the budget if you want to attend, but LA looks set to have all the big news once again this summer.

Meanwhile, local events such as IDEF in Cannes, Gameplan in the UK and the Develop Conference in Brighton look well set for post-E3 reviews.

So check your industry diaries closely before booking that villa in the Algarve this summer.


The London Games Conference will take place on Tuesday October 27th. Held at BAFTA, it will be run by Intent Media and supported by ELSPA. Late afternoon start, quality speakers, speed networking and a dinner.

It is the perfect complement to other events at the London Games Festival. And at 229, it will be half the price of any previous all-industry seminars (and under 200 if you’re in ELSPA or TIGA).

Another one for that diary then.

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