The Binding of Isaac card game smashes Kickstarter target

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, a card game based on the 2011 roguelike The Binding of Isaac, has completed its Kickstarter campaign, raising $2,650,875 (£2,019,802).

Supported by a livestream running up to midnight of the last day of the campaign, the final sum raised has smashed the initial goal of just $50,000, surpassing it by over 5,000%.

Franchise creator Edmund McMillen celebrated the accomplishment in a series of Tweets, thanking his wife Danielle for her support and for coming up with “all the funniest bits and basically the majority of KS ideas.” McMillen also celebrated the work of the game’s art team, thanking them for “getting 95% of all the card art done in these 30 days” saying “it’s an honor to work with such driven and creative people.”

The upcoming title is the first venture into card games for McMillen, which adapts the mechanics from the original video game to allow up to four players to play together to defeat bosses and collect loot. The game features 300 cards, comprised of loot, monsters and items pulled from the indie roguelike.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is expected to be delivered to backers by November 2018.

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