The March issue of MCV/DEVELOP is online now! Featuring Savvy Games Group, Hooded Horse, the winners of the Women in Games Awards, YRS TRULY, and PR insights from Renaissance’s Stefano Petrullo

The latest issue of MCV/DEVELOP should be arriving on doormats and reception desks from today and is flying over the Atlantic in time for GDC next week. For everyone else, check out the full and free digital edition right here.

Highlights this issue include an in-depth chat with the executive team of indie publisher Hooded Horse, which aims to give developers a fair deal and leave no game languishing. Seems to be doing quite well at it, too.

Working with slightly bigger budgets is the veteran CEO of Savvy Games Group, Brian Ward, who talks about why he took the job to grow the Saudi gaming industry and where all that lolly might be lolloping off to. 

MJ Widomska talks about YRS TRULY attaining B Corp certification and why it matters for the future. Meanwhile, looking back we have Hannah Kennedy on the art of Pentiment, Hiroyuki Sakamoto on the making of the latest Like a Dragon, and Renaissance’s Stefano Petrullo with the PR insights that have served him through more than 30 years in the industry.

Enjoy the issue, and if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget the MCV/DEVELOP Awards are just around the corner. Please nominate.  

About Richie Shoemaker

Prior to taking the editorial helm of MCV/DEVELOP Richie spent 20 years shovelling word-coal into the engines of numerous gaming magazines and websites, many of which are now lost beneath the churning waves of progress. If not already obvious, he is partial to the odd nautical metaphor.

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