The Nintendo Switch gets a price cut across Europe

Nintendo has dropped the official price of the standard model of the Switch across Europe.

As initially reported by VGC, the new price seems to have dropped from £279.99 to £259.99 in the UK, and from €329.99 to €269.99 in Europe. However, Nintendo does not have an official price for the Switch in Europe, so the new price could potentially fall even further. The Lite model meanwhile has retained its price at £199.

This could be a result of Nintendo rethinking the price for the original Switch model, ahead of the release of the OLED edition in October, which will retail for around £309.99.

Nintendo reported that sales of the Switch were down in Q2 this year, a drop of 18 per cent year on year, though it still managed to sell 4.2m more consoles. It’s hardly as if the Switch is struggling though, as cumulative sell through by the end of June was 85.8m units.

That figure puts the Switch ahead of both the PS3 (87.4m units) and the Xbox 360 (84m units). Though it still has some way to go before it surpasses the Wii, with 101m lifetime units sold, and the DS with 154m lifetime units sold.

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