The UK games industry has received at least £7.7 billion in investment funding since January 2017, according to Ukie research

The games industry in the UK has received at least £7.7 billion in investment funding between January 2017 and June 2022, according to a report released by Ukie to celebrate the launch of Ukie Worldwide, a new international trade campaign designed to put the spotlight on UK games businesses.

Adjusting for inflation, Ukie analysed the £7.7 billion reported, and found that £6.87 billion of it was invested by 13 different countries from outside of the UK. Three of the inward investment acquisitions made up 41% of the total investment into the UK games industry over the period studied. 

The study also found that eight of the 10 biggest investments have happened in the last two years, with Team 17, Hiro Metaverse Acquisitions and Codemasters’ IPOs making up a combined total of £686 million between them. 

UK games industry companies had also invested slightly more to expand overseas than within the borders of our often rainy green isles, having spent £180 million on international expansion compared to the £141 million used on business done within the country itself.

These numbers are actually expected to be slightly lower than is actually the case, as 87 acquisitions, expansions and IPOs occurred while Ukie spent time analysing the data. The values of some of these deals were not available for the research study.

“This research shows that the UK sits at the heart of the global games industry, driving investment and creating high value jobs in towns, cities and regions across the UK. We’re proud of our heritage  in video games in the UK, but we also want to showcase the emerging talent and companies who are innovating across platforms.” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie. “It is important to recognise and to maintain our global position as a country full of expertise and to acknowledge how impressive the industry’s growth and success has been over the last few years. With new political leadership soon to take the reins, we want to ensure our success continues to be celebrated and supported.”

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