The Xbox 360 and MCV Big Quiz

Since the last Big Quiz, things have changed quite radically in the Xbox 360 universe, with the New Xbox Experience going live on November 19th.

This was the most radical overhaul yet to the most successful online gaming platform around (say 14 million members). So, yeah, it was a pretty big deal.

The eye-catching and headline-grabbing changes were largely to do with the look of the New Xbox Experience. The whole thing is prettier, clearer and easier to use – and it’s seen the introduction of avatars. They are almost endlessly customisable and can be easily updated. A player can also use their avatar’s head as their Gamerpic.

Another change is the promotion of Achievements and Gamerscores to a more prominent position. They’re what Xbox Live is all about, for many – proving just how great you can be at games – and they can now be displayed at a glance.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the Party system that allows friends to connect in the dash then just hang out together, play games, share music or just chat. It makes the experience more spontaneous and real rather than structured and appointment-based.

When Xbox Live launched, the original dashboard was designed to host 200 pieces of content. It’s now handling over 20,000. An overhaul was absolutely necessary, and the result is a whole new Experience.

1) What was the first Woody Allen film to feature Diane Keaton?

A) Annie Hall

B) Manhattan

C) Play it Again Sam

2) What’s the name of the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

A) Alistair Diamond

B) Alistair Darling

C) Alistair Sugarlips

3) What’s the name of the new album by Sugababes?

A) Catfights and Spotlights

B) Doghairs and Nightmares

C) Hamster Wheels and Jellied Eels

4) What’s the name of the new Xbox-exclusive music game?

A) Hips B) Nips C) Lips

5) How many musicians were in the classic Jimi Hendrix Experience line-up?

A) 5 B) 3 C) 4

6) Who was voted out of the jungle first in this year’s I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here?

A) Carly Zucker

B) Robert Kilroy-Silk

C) Timmy Mallet

7) In which year did Apple launch the original iPod?

A) 2000 B) 2000 C) 2001

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