“There will be a next generation of Steam Deck products”, confirms Valve

Valve has confirmed that they plan on creating new iterations of the Steam Deck in the future, according to an interview feature in the Japanese magazine Famitsu

During the interview, which was done to commemorate the Washington-based company now allowing Steam users in Asia to order the current version of the Steam Deck, Famitsu asked “If Steam Deck is successful can we expect more in the future?”, to which Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer answered “Unless something major changes, there will be a next generation of Steam Deck products in the future.” 

Steam Deck development team member Pierre-Loup Griffais also pointed to battery life as one of the issues that a next-generation Steam Deck would probably try to address later in the interview. 

“We have already made improvements between the time of launch and now,” said Griffais. “For example, we’ve made it possible to play refresh rates at 40Hz, and we’re working hard to give users more control over how long their battery lasts. We’re also constantly optimising the operating system to reduce battery consumption when playing games that are not too demanding. This will improve the battery life. In any case, battery issues are at the top of our list of future improvements.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about future versions of the Steam Deck from Valve, either. In a Steam Deck booklet Valve released just last week, they talked about new versions of the currently sold-out hardware.

“Steam Deck represents the first in a new category of Steam handheld gaming PCs. In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market. Like the original, and like all PCs, these future products will continue to provide access to the same Steam game catalog that gamers already know and love.” said the recently released document. 

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