There’s a new Xbox One Kinect game on the way

Xbox One owners who still enjoy the use of Kinect will soon have a new game with which to flex their device.

Virtual Air Guitar Company, which previously made Kung-Fu High Impact for Xbox 360, has announced Kung-Fu for Kinect, which will be released next month.

The title encourages daily activity in an effort to pursue fitness. It works by inserting a player’s likeness into the game world, and animating them into performing fighting moves as per their real-life movements.

We’ve received a lot of requests to bring Kung-Fu to Xbox One,” lead designer Aki Kanerva said. We can now answer the popular demand, thanks to great leaps in game development tools. This new version has been reprogrammed from scratch using Unity, so we have new cool features like new game modes, more enemies on screen and ragdoll physics that react to your attacks.

Exercise is one of the big reasons why we make motion games. We want to provide both kids and adults with games that are enjoyable on their own, but also keeps them up and active.”

Microsoft bundled its second Kinect with the Xbox One at launch, which played a part in Sony being able to undercut the RRP of its predecessor. Microsoft was for a period resistant to the idea of releasing a Kinect-less SKU. Once it conceded to pressure, it even argued that doing so might increase sales of the camera. That never transpired, although it certainly helped Xbox One regain its footing.

Here’s the Kung-Fu for Kinect trailer:

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