THQ expects Homefront to trump WWE

Publisher THQ has predicted that upcoming triple-A shooter Homefront will make more money than either of the company’s big fighting franchises, WWE or UFC.

"I don’t think [WWE and UFC] make more money than I expect Homefront to make," core games executive vice president Danny Bilson stated in an interview with Gamezone.

"I absolutely expect it to sell more than WWE or UFC."

The exec then went on to justify the focus that, traditionally at least, publishers tend to put on the week one marketing of a new title, only for attention to often seemingly drift elsewhere soon after release. The reason, he argues, is the threat of the pre-owned market.

"The only reason you have to make money ASAP is mostly the used games," he claimed. "You have to make them before they get churned back into the used game channel and the game company isn’t making the money. The retailers are making the money and then you can’t put that money back in to make more games."

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