Tomb Raider is ‘paving the road’ for more gaming heroines

Tomb Raider creators Crystal Dynamics is delighted by the trend of female lead characters in video games.

The title leads a slew of new titles with women in the lead roles, including The Last of Us, Beyond and Remember Me.

"The reboot isn’t really about appealing to a specific gender, and it’s not really about ‘being female’ – it’s about an origins story, it’s about being human, and the fight to survive: we hope to have a broad appeal as a result," Darrell Gallagher, the studio head of Crystal Dynamics, told MCV.

He added: It’s extremely encouraging to see a slate of capable and believable female leads such as those you mentioned. The industry can only benefit from increased diversity in its protagonists. So yes, we hope it continues, and are proud to be helping pave the road.”

David Cage of Quantic Dream – developers of Beyond which stars Ellen Page as the lead character Jodie – added: "Games still have to deal with some kind of sexism, especially as a lot of the time they’re focused on violence.

"This is now changing."

You can read our full analysis on the rise of female game characters right here.

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