Vampyr stalks the streets on June 5th

Focus Interactive’s upcoming gothic horror game, Vampyr, will be released on June 5th. The news comes from episode four of Dontnod’s developer web series, which dropped today. Within this episode, the team discusses the role of story in the game and how video games and stage plays are more alike than you’d think.

We spoke to Focus Interactive CEO Cédric Lagarrigue about the publisher’s reasoning behind Vampyr’s summer release date: “We chose that date because we’re currently working to make sure the game is balanced, going through a phase of debugging and optimisation for the title.

“We’re really trying to take the time to make sure the game is balanced, because it’s a complex title, in a big open world, with a lot of storyline ramifications. There are a lot of things happening in this world and we want the title to be balanced both for players who want to play the game stealthily, without killing and for those who are looking for more action. It’s a balance we really have to find because the game is highly anticipated and we don’t want to disappoint the players.”

Vampyr will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One when it launches in the summer, which we predict will be a good time for a double-A game like this to stand out without having to compete with heavy hitters.

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