Wildstar cancels Christmas and Halloween content releases

Developer Carbine has said that its previously announced Christmas and Halloween content releases have been cancelled.

Instead, development resource will be focused on improving the existing game and work on the game’s upcoming Drop3 update.

[Halloween release] Shade’s Eve was more or less done, but it still needed a lot of proper, rigorous testing,” content designer Kristen DeMeza said on the game’s forums.

With limited-time events, it’s even more imperative that your content work and work well, because if there’s a show-stopping bug that happens, every hour you spend fixing it is an hour players miss of that content for the year.

QA time was vital, therefore – particularly with some new bits of tech we received. But QA had Drop 3 on their plate, and Drop 3 – full of many bug fixes and content that would be around all year – was rightly deemed more important for QA to focus on.

Would we have liked to get Shade’s Eve in? Of course! But with finite resources, we picked giving Drop 3 the most thorough testing it could get, and it was the right call.”

The Christmas content, dubbed Winterfest, was apparently in the same state Shade’s Eve was when we stopped”, with DeMeza describing it as a rough li’l bit of content”, adding that: Even if we started the train back up now, finishing some part of it, testing it, and getting it out by Christmas would be a tough prospect with everything else cooking.”

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