‘Xbox Fusion’ tipped as possible moniker for new console

A possible name for the new Xbox is currently doing the rounds online.

Fusible reports that Microsoft has been named as the owner of a host of URLs relating to the Xbox Fusion brand.

As well as owning the XboxFusion.com address it also claims ownership of a host of other variations including but not limited to XboxFusion.co.uk, XboxFusion.info and XboxFusion.biz.

The name contradicts a logo that was recently circulated on Reddit suggesting that Xbox Infinity is the branding of choice. Indeed, Xbox Infinity was first suggested as a possible name back in July 2012.

However, contrary to earlier reports Microsoft does apparently not own either the Xbox Infinity, Xbox Infinite or Xbox8 URLs.

It does, however own both XboxGold.com and XboxNext.com – both of which have at various times been touted as the new branding.

Don’t forget, too, that tech blogger Paul Thurrott – who has previously been the source of correct Microsoft leaks – reckons the new machine will simply be called ‘Xbox’.

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