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Xsolla introduces Business Engine – data-driven recommendations to drive growth

Xsolla has long been a veritable swiss-army of games monetisation options. But the company has now added a new Business Engine feature to its interface to better help clients navigate the various options available with personalised recommendations.

Xsolla describes it as “a data-driven system designed to provide customized recommendations and access to our network of resources to drive revenue and growth for your company, before you even know you need it.”

Business Engine will use the data the company already knows about your game to “presents the most relevant Xsolla solutions for your development stage, monetization type and platform.”

However, beyond that it will offer opportunities to publishers, providing relevant openings to work with other Xsolla partners, such as “investors, digital creators, influencers, web distribution channels, banks, and payment providers.”

It’s an interesting concept in a gaming landscape with so many monetisation and growth opportunities that it can be hard, especially for fledgling developers, to see where they should make the biggest investments in terms of both time and money. Though of course, we’d always recommend looking into alternatives before entering into any relationship, whatever its initial source

“Through automation and data analysis of your business, we’re making it easy to determine the next steps for your revenue and growth strategy, serving up opportunities such as business connections, or easy-to-integrate solutions selected for your specific needs in key areas including marketing, monetization, and payment solutions,: said Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla.

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