Develop Conference: Fish in a bottle founder touts potential of browser-based games â??if you are sneakyâ??

Browser dev calls for ‘console quality’ in sector

Speaking at the first day of the Develop Conference in Brighton, founder of Warwick-based browser game studio fish in a bottle Drew Wilkins said that casual games developers need to start create console quality in their titles.

Discussing the development of Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron – a Channel 4 Education published World War Two flight sim – Wilkins said that a sensible cutting of corners can help create a far more impressive title.

“If we don’t deliver something people want to play, there is no point in developing it,” he said.

“Quality is key, but fight your battles where you need to. You can do a lot more with Flash if you are sneaky.”

As an example, Wilkins cited the use of stock models for planes in 303 Squadron.

“If it’s cheaper to buy it, don’t build it,” he said.

“We spent £483.83 pence on getting our models done. It was the 83 pence that was the killer.”

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