Dare to be Digital 2012 competitors Nuclear Duck talk exclusively to Develop about working on their entry title Marcelo

Dare Blogs – Nuclear Duck

Join Marcelo, an inquisitive young monkey who is in pursuit of freeing his captured younger sister. You shall journey through jungle and city, explore exotic landscapes and will meet a variety of colourful characters that will help you in your epic story.

Marcelo is a fun action-adventure based game that will be controlled by a Kinect motion camera with emphasis on simple and intuitive movements. The game is aimed at a younger audience (‘tweens’ age) but will also be an enjoyable adventure for the whole family.

Dare is simply incredible. This type of opportunity doesn’t come around too often but when it does you know you have to work hard to generate a playable game.

The industry mentors have been great they really have helped us through some difficult problems but they just help, they guide you, they want you to come to the conclusion yourself and most of the time we do.

Probably the biggest thing we have learnt from Dare is how to work as a team. It sounds simple but when everyone has ideas and thinks theirs is the solution to the game then you normally bump heads.

But throughout the project we have learnt to work with each other’s ideas and come out with a final better idea.

The main thing I’m looking forward to is the public’s reaction to the game. As gaming is a medium in which you can speak to an audience, it will be nice to see how they react – let’s just hope it’s a good reaction!

I just really want people to come away from our game with a smile. I think that would make my day.

After Dare I’ll be heading back to Staffordshire University for another year to finish my degree and then once I’m finished I’ll start looking for work. Personally I would like to work within a bigger house so I can learn more.

For the rest of the team I think they would want to try and start their own companies within Israel, as the games industry over there isn’t so big and being the people to start it off would be a big achievement.

Follow Nuclear Duck on Twitter @Dare2012_NucDuk to learn more about their game.

Dare ProtoPlay and Indie Fest takes place between August 10th and 12th in Dundee, with all 15 Dare student games on show, as well as indie games, conference talks and much more.


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