The Dare to be Digital 2015 team talks to Develop about working on their entry title

Dare Blogs: Start a revolution in Pixel Tailors’ The Wall Shall Stand

What’s your game?
The Wall Shall Stand puts the players at the head of a revolution. It’s up to you to rally the people and tear down the wall. Players can do this through placing propaganda, tearing down statues and supporting the citizens of the city.

We really wanted to make this a game where you alone have no strength. You rely on support to be able to make a successful revolution and to gain support of the people is what matters most. Complex choices make every outcome both positive and negative.

What has the Dare experience been like?
Dare has been incredible for preparing us as a team for game festivals and allowing us to talk to industry professionals about our game. Usually once the university year is over we would all be working summer jobs, but Dare has given us the drive to work even harder as a unit to make one of the most polished games we have ever created.

It certainly hasn’t been easy but Dare has made us more aware of the struggles of development and how to overcome them. It has pushed us to engage more with the industry and set up valuable connections with developers that have really assisted in understanding what it takes to create interesting, unique games.

What have you learned from Dare?
Apart from everything we’ve already spoken about, Dare has taught us how to market our game through social media sites like Twitter. To be honest, once Dare is over I’m sure there will be even more valuable lessons we’ll have learnt from the event that we can take on into our future careers.

Are you looking forward to ProtoPlay?
Definitely, ProtoPlay is all we’ve been thinking about since we were told we had made it through to the final 16 Dare teams. All the work we have done is to impress at ProtoPlay, on the other hand it will also be great to see what other teams have to offer while at ProtoPlay.

We’ve been in touch with some of the other Dare teams and it looks like they’ve been producing some really awesome stuff that we can’t wait to try!

What are your ambitions after Dare?
During and after Dare Pixel Tailors will be looking to move our game to the next step of development, that being able to work towards a finished version of the game and see whether we have it in us to get a game into the hands of people at home who couldn’t make it to ProtoPlay.

Follow Pixel Tailors on Twitter @pixeltailors to learn more about their game.

Dare ProtoPlay and Indie Fest is on 13th-16th August in Dundee’s Caird Hall and City Square, with all 16 Dare student games on show, indie games, talks, workshops and more.

Team members:

  • Edward Burton – Producer, Designer – University of the Arts London
  • Cameron Richards – 3D modelling, Designer – University of the Arts London
  • Ted Grimes – Programmer, Designer – University of the Arts London
  • Steven Sparkes – Sound Design, Designer – University of the Arts London

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