DeltaDNA claim women ‘worth 44% more than men’ when it comes to mobile audiences

Analytics firm DeltaDNA has declared that women are more valuable customers than men in the mobile games market.

DeltaDNA has pulled some data from games that it works with to make a case for women being more valuable customers on the company’s blog. Women apparently are more invested in mobile platforms than men, with more women using a premium android device (34% of women using android have a premium device, compared to 27% of men) and more women using iOS (21% of women have an iPhone, compared to 15% of men.)

"The net effect of this is seen when looking at their propensity to spend in-game; across all games tracked by deltaDNA, 4.5% of women spend in games, compared to only 3.3% of men," says DeltaDNA’s blog post.

"This results in a total value of $1.57 for each female player vs. $1.09 for every man, and so we can see, women are effectively worth 44% more than men."

DeltaDNA also looked at genres and found that women make up 76% of the audience for puzzles and 51% of the audience for casino games, while making up a low 23% in action and 26% in strategy.

This has a powerful implication for mobile game developers and publishers, DeltaDNA reason: "A female-focused game simply has a much greater chance of being profitable than a male-focused one. Given that women tend to like puzzle and casino games that are also much less expensive to produce and maintain the economics of making male-focused action and strategy games are hard to justify."

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