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DPS Games is a fresh new studio from the mighty World of Tanks creator Wargaming. However, we’ve been reliably told that its upcoming unannounced product is trying to do anything but blend in. Celebrating its first anniversary last September, the studio cut cakes in their offices in Guildford as well as Sydney. There’s certainly reason to celebrate over at DPS Games. With the project being fully funded, the team have made huge progress over the past year – with production now being well underway.

Currently hiring for over a dozen roles, the studio is expanding. Not only in terms of staff, but office space. The company is shortly due to complete the fit-out of their new second floor office in the centre of Guildford. Currently the space seats 150 staff, has panoramic views, as well as a subsidised deli with free coffee and snacks. The new space will offer over twice the footprint plus additional state-of-the-art interior design. Note for artists: this includes adjustable lighting!

With the legacy of their parent company behind them, we asked the Product Director, Sean Decker, if it’d be reasonable to expect their new product to be along the same vein.

Sean replied with a glint in his eye:

“…Not quite!”

Location(s): Guildford, Sydney

Team size: +100

Key projects and hiring areas: New AAA F2P IP

Recruitment contact: Liza Mowat, Lead Recruiter,, Find me on LinkedIn!


New IP is difficult – perhaps the most difficult thing to do in the gaming industry. Surrounded by giant franchises that release successful products year-after-year, how do we create a new one that cuts through? And even harder – how do you create one that can last a decade, a whole generation?”

There’s no secret sauce. No single special ingredient. However, you do consistently need a couple of things: courage to make bold and imaginative steps and bounce back if it doesn’t go right, and respect; and that means respect for the people you work with and the audience you’re creating for. Listening and remaining open to feedback isn’t always as easy as it seems. No matter what else you throw into the pot, without those two, your potion has no magic.

We’ve created a studio unlike any other I’ve experienced.  And if it isn’t magic, it’s something very special.

Our upcoming product is still top secret – but I can say this. We’re looking for people that are hungry to create deep, rewarding experiences with nuance. We’re looking for people who want to leave their mark, who want to help us shape tomorrow.


I’m a tools engineer at DPS Games, working on a AAA game. I streamline and improve the development process, customising the Unreal editor or creating pipeline tools to fit the needs of our game and our developers.

We are a small team but that means we are tight. I enjoy working with them and I like that, even with the current environment, we are constantly in touch.

It’s refreshing. A lot of the people here are young and are striving to build something great. They are not afraid to experiment and to create something new, something they can be proud of. The feeling is that we are all aiming to create a legacy. It is a fairly new studio, but it does have big dreams and the people to achieve them.

The fact is that they are not afraid to let you know you are an important asset to the team. The culture here is built around appreciation and I feel that that is a great thing to build on.

Now Hiring! Just some of the many roles open at DPS Games

DPS Games is currently looking for new talent to work on its upcoming project.

Development Director (Guildford)

Build and facilitate a world class development team. Aligning groups towards shared purposes, goals and priorities.

Lead Combat Designer (Guildford)

Responsible for the balance and experience of combat on the project, ensuring combat delivers a fun and satisfying experience for the player.

Senior Publishing Manager (Guildford)

Looking for an experienced Publishing Manager with a minimum of 1 shipped
AAA product.

Senior Gameplay & Graphics Programmer (Guildford)

Working on core systems of a free-to-play Unreal Engine 4 based PC game.

Senior VFX Artist (Guildford)

Design, create and implement stunning VFX to enhance the dramatic performance of vehicles and characters and breathe life into our world.

UI Artist (Guildford)

Develop the User Experience and Aesthetic design of the game menus, user interfaces and in game HUD.

Don’t see something that fits? Check out the website at

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