DEVELOP/JOBS: Hangar 13 – “Our incredibly diverse and talented team welcomed me with open arms”

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Hangar 13 is the 2K development studio behind the award-winning Mafia franchise. We work collaboratively across our 4 locations on triple-A titles in a diverse environment, developing games as one global team.

Working at Hangar 13 means getting to work on original IP on cutting edge, proprietary tech, in a space that fosters autonomy, empowerment and support. Our culture is evolving and our most important mantra is ‘Bravely Create.’ We recognise that every game we develop needs to take at least one smart risk, and we encourage everyone in the studio to be courageous and willing to take those risks together.

We have the team spirit and creative ambition of a start-up, supported by the financial and organizational structure of 2K.

Diversity has been central to our vision for the studio, and we know that actions are more important than words, so we work all year round supporting various initiatives, industry organisations, and internal groups in these areas. We believe that diversity on the team makes us creatively stronger and is something to value at all times. 

Growing Hangar 13 significantly over the last couple of years has enabled us to ensure that everyone that joins buys into our vision of what a modern development studio should be like and has the passion and excitement for creating something truly special, both creatively and culturally. As a result, we have a team of highly talented people that are supportive and encouraging of their peers, and all help to make Hangar 13 a fun place to work, and a studio that our team members are proud to be a part of.

Location(s): Brighton (UK), Brno & Prague (Czech), Novato (USA)

Team size: 375

Key projects [and/or key hiring areas]: We’re busy developing a new IP across the studio and are actively hiring across all disciplines.

Recruitment contact: Paul Collins, Recruitment Director,,


Damian Buzugbe, Principal Concept Artist

I’m in a very privileged position to be working as concept artist for Hangar 13 in one of the very best cities in the UK. I’m biased as I’ve lived here for 17 years now, and Hangar 13 is slap bang in the heart of this fantastic city. Brighton is a very colourful and open place. It’s incredibly lively and full of life’s unique and sometimes left field people and it’s all the richer for it. Hangar 13 is a perfect reflection of this with its diverse and madly talented team members.

Inside the studio we are spoilt too with newly refurbished high-end workspace tripping over itself to offer a built-in gym, showers, modern office layout and all the fancy coffee you can handle. But this is just a portion of our studio with our other sites located in the Czech Republic and US. It’s an international team not just in name and that offers immense opportunity to learn and grow as a developer.


Leah Lindner, Software Engineer

I joined Hangar 13 a little over 2 years ago and it was the best decision I could have made. Our incredibly diverse and talented team welcomed me with open arms, and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. Personal development is encouraged and supported here, and thanks to the opportunity of working with and contributing to our stack of inhouse technology – which is geared towards creating triple-A games, I have been able to greatly improve both my programming and my wider set of professional skills since.

Studio leadership is transparent and I am confident that they put the needs of the team first, especially after how well they have handled the transition of working from home during the pandemic.

Due to our inclusive culture and travel opportunities (pre apocalypse), it truly feels like we are one big global team, despite being spread across 4 locations in the US, Czech Republic and the UK.

That said I am particularly happy to be located at the Brighton office, this city felt like home to me as soon as I moved here, as it is full of open minded and creative types of people, and being close to the seaside is a nice perk.


At Hangar 13, we want people driven by curiosity — Visionaries who aren’t afraid to explore new territory. Intrepid individuals who embrace the weird, the challenging, the unconventional. We’re building a space that empowers you to take risks and redefine what’s possible, where your inquisitive nature is nourished — A home for people who aren’t satisfied with what is, but who are obsessed by what could be. So bring your talent, your unique point-of-view, your fearless tenacity, and together, we’ll Bravely Create.

Lead UX Designer

Working closely with the Game Director, you’ll lead and inspire a team of talented UX and UI professionals and set the overall vision and direction for user experience, capable of ensuring that UX design and other teams are closely aligned.

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Using cutting edge, proprietary tech, you’ll be working with interdisciplinary agile teams to design, develop, write, implement, and debug code for new and upgraded software products.

Animation Director

Working on an incredibly exciting new Hangar 13 game, you’ll collaborate closely with the Game Director to define and deliver a unique vision and style. You’ll set the bar for animations across the entirety of the project and drive toward the highest quality at every phase.

Technical Animation Director

You will be responsible for the studio’s long term Technical Animation strategy, the overall development of our animation technology, and the mentoring of the technical animation team. You will review contemporary games and development practices as you create and drive the vision for the studio through mapping out a long-term technical animation plan.

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