DEVELOP/JOBS: Rocksteady – “Working at Rocksteady has had a huge impact on my skills and career as they really value creative freedom and thinking.”

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Rocksteady Studios was founded in 2004 by Creative Director Sefton Hill and Studio Director Jamie Walker as a small start-up. The team’s first release, Urban Chaos: Riot Response, was a commercial success but it wasn’t until the launch of Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009 that the studio really made a name for themselves. To this day, the Arkham series remains the best-selling superhero video game series of all time.

Rocksteady is currently working on the new 4-player action-adventure third-person shooter, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

The team of over 250 works across many disciplines, they all remain focused on only one game project at a time. Rocksteady are continually looking to expand their diverse team. Their Central London office is open to those that wish to work full-time in the big city, but they also support full remote working, or a combination of the two. 

The team holds regular lunches; yoga sessions remotely and in the office, as well as fun days throughout the year, including live arts and crafts workshops supplied by the studio support team. Rocksteady are also active in celebrating cultural events, and regularly host round table discussions with speakers on issues including the representation of people from marginalised groups in video games.

Location(s): Kentish Town, London

Team size: 250

Key projects and hiring areas: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Engine Programmers

Recruitment contact: Bex Holland, Senior Recruiter,,,,


I lead the UI/UX team here at Rocksteady, having joined the team as a Senior UI Artist a little over four years ago. Before that I worked in the games industry in Finland, and I’m originally from Singapore, so I’ve had an interesting journey thus far!

Working at Rocksteady has had a huge impact on my skills and career as they really value creative freedom and thinking. I have been able to explore ideas and take on full ownership of features. I’ve been able to help bring features from the design phase to completion, from wireframes to implementation, and work with incredibly talented people both within and outside our team to make this happen. Our UI team has a collaborative spirit and we all have the same goal – to make the best experience for the player. Having been part of a minority all of my life, being treated equally and feeling accepted is important to me. I’m glad I’ve found a studio where I feel at home and I’m able to be myself, and make friends along the way!


There is a special culture here at Rocksteady and we listen carefully to our team to continually improve.

The positives we hear from our wonderful team break down into five components. Firstly, the welcoming and inclusive culture we have. I meet with every new joiner and they mention how welcoming and supportive everyone is. The second is treating people well, from how we treat people as professionals to how we handle Covid remote and hybrid working.

When we help when people are struggling with issues, they are often surprised. It’s not something we share or shout about, but for me, treating people well is one of the best things we do here. The third is the quality that comes from people’s effort and skill. The fourth is the feeling of a team, which is all about working together and making great games.

I love the diverse social fabric that thrives here: our hobby and interest clubs, the focus on good food (and coffee) and exercise, the friendships made, the relationships that have sprung, and the babies born! Lastly, everyone mentions the breakfast we cook each month which brings people together with quality food, a chance to connect, to chat about their passions, to laugh and energise, and it’s this type of energy that helps nurture the culture here at Rocksteady.

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