GTA-style MMO upgrading to the same engine as Gears of War 3

Engine upgrade could bring APB Reloaded to other platforms

The team behind APB Reloaded have revealed that it will be upgrading the game’s engine early next year, potentially making the MMO compatible for consoles.

The title currently runs on the version of Unreal Engine 3 released in 2008, but Reloaded Productions is trying to move on to the 2013 version, which features the improvements Epic Games made for Xbox 360 hit Gears of War 3.

Work began in July with the current aim to implement the upgrade by Q1 2014. Success will not only improve the quality of the game, but also allow APB Reloaded to be ported beyond the PC.

"By upgrading the engine, we also open some interesting possibilities, including a path to launch on other platforms in the future," the official blog post reads.

APB Reloaded was relaunched in 2011 after the closure of its original developer Realtime Worlds in 2010. 

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