Several workshops to be held throughout 2017 under The 22% Project banner

Gram Games announces The 22% Project to help women into the games industry

Gram Games, the mobile outfit behind 1010! and Merged! has announced The 22% Project, an initiative that aims to support and increase the number of young women seeking work in the games industry.

The 22% Project is named after IGDA research revealed that only 22% of employees in the games industry are women.

What can one studio do? Gram Games are hoping quite a lot, and are preparing workshops and courses that’ll help young women to find jobs and succeed in games in a variety of disciplines, including development, design and art. These sessions will run throughout 2017 after the company had successful trials last year with 30 attendees.

"Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the limits of their creative potential," says Gram culture developer Erin O’Brien. "With the right knowledge and opportunity, anyone can compete in the gaming industry. Gaming is thought of as an industry for men, so men are given that access, and the male domination of gaming is perpetuated. The only way to break out of this cycle, is to begin to ensure that women are represented in gaming, to create a system that provides women with the same opportunities and skills required to succeed."

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