Leading studios greet 2009 with modest optimism and plans for industry change

Key developers reveal New Yearâ??s resolutions

Speaking exclusively to Develop in our New Year’s resolutions feature, several development studios have revealed their pledges for 2009, showing a spirit of collective responsibility for the industry and cautious optimism.

Jason Avent of Black Rock Studios has pledged to combat the current trends in game releasing schedules: “My games industry New Year’s resolution is to campaign against everyone releasing their games at the same time before Christmas. As a developer, it’s annoying to see your game drowned in a sea of mighty Evergreen competition, and as a consumer it’s annoying that there are so many games to buy at the same time. This, too, when there are massive droughts at other times of the year.”

Elsewhere Sarah Chudley revealed Bizarre Creation’s resolutions, vowing “to make Activision proud of their new recruits by developing our two AAA titles for them,” and “to do what we can to promote and support the industry through education and any other means”.

Meanwhile Lol Scragg of Cohort Studios hoped for a year without any developer closures and a focus on the industry skills shortage, adding: “I want to be able to sit back and watch as the industry wakes up to the fact that developers are the guys who create the product and therefore deserve better rewards.”

Aside from resolving to get through the final push on APB, Colin Macdonald of Realtime Worlds promised to “contribute to finally proving to those who look down on games that it’s a formidable industry, particularly in a climate more and more traditional industries are proving they can’t handle.”

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