Minecraft developer has ambitions to increase output in future, says Kaplan

Mojang plots one game release a year

Minecraft developer Mojang is hoping to release on game a year in future, business developer Daniel Kaplan has told Develop.

Speaking in a new feature exploring one of the world’s most famous studios, Kaplan said he felt the developer should focus even more on creating new content and creating new experiences, rather than just relying on the runaway success of Minecraft.

The studio currently has two games in development, turn-based puzzle strategy title Scrolls and Notch’s next sandbox venture, sci-fi game 0x10^c. The studio is also acting as publisher for Oxeye Studio’s action side-scroller Cobalt.

“I think that we should focus even more on creating new games and new experiences. Right now we have Minecraft and Scrolls, that have been in development since late 2010,” said Kaplan.

“I hope that in the future, we should be able to release at least one game a year.”

Kaplan was keen to stress however, as were other developers at the studio including Markus Perrson, Carl Manneh and Jakob Porser, that the team does not want to lose its indie culture, something which it is very protective of.

"I think the culture is still very much alike as from the start," he said. "I still think it is very much like operated as from the start, and I hope we can continue in a similar way in the future if we grow more."

Kaplan also went on to say that due to the studio’s success, the developer had received a number of approaches from companies looking to invest in or acquire the whole company, but that Mojang was keen to remain in control of its own destiny.

“We have been approached by a bunch of different companies wanting to invest or acquire the whole company but that is not interesting for Mojang since the whole purpose was to create an independent studios,” he said.

You can read the full feature on Mojang, that includes interviews with Markus Persson, Daniel Kaplan, Carl Manneh, Jakob Porser and Markus Toivonen, here.

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