nDreams announces new AAA and core VR studio, Studio Elevation

Having revealed its recruitment plans in this month’s magazine, nDreams has just announced the formation of its new UK studio. Headed up by Glenn Brace (previously nDreams’ head of art), nDreams Studio Elevation will focus on “creating AAA and core VR gaming experiences”, in contrast to nDreams Studio Orbital, which remains focused on free-to-play and live service VR titles.

Recruiting now, Studio Elevation is being established under a hybrid working model, with teams working remotely. The intention is to then offer a UK-based headquarters where teams can safely collaborate. There’s no indication of when that will be.

“nDreams’ continued expansion is a combination of competency growth, investment in emerging developers, and the VR ecosystem,” said Glenn Brace, head of nDreams Studio Elevation. “Feeding the VR industry with funding, game development knowledge and technology, as well as exploring new and existing genres of player experiences will help our entire industry drive player adoption and platform growth. nDreams Studio Elevation aims to be at the forefront of this new wave of VR innovation by creating deep, immersive and engaging experiences that take VR gaming to the next level.”

Established in 2006, nDreams has since become one of the most prolific and successful VR developers around. Last year nDreams developed Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity for Zero Latency, Fracked for PSVR, as well as announced it’s third party publishing initiative, which will result in the release of VR city builder Little Cities this year on Quest.

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