Revamped game streaming platform lets developers make their digital games accessible on multiple platforms

OnLive adds CloudLift and OnLive Go to cloud gaming services

Cloud gaming firm OnLive has announced two new services that essentially relaunch the company’s game streaming offering: CloudLift and OnLive Go.

CloudLift is a monthly subscription service that allows consumers to link their OnLive account to other digital marketplaces such as Steam. This means they can sign into OnLive on any device and continue any compatible games that they already own.

The system even accesses cloud-based saves, so players can continue their progress from the same point, whether playing on Macs, laptops or tablets. CloudLift will also be available through any Smart TVs that have the OnLive Game System app, such as the LG Google TV.

CloudLift links to any compatible games, regardless of which digital retailer they have been purchased from. OnLive will also sell download codes for these games, which will include a free seven-day trial of CloudLift.

Initial games in CloudLift’s line-up include Batman: Arkham Origins, The LEGO Movie: The Videogame and Saints Row IV. A CloudLift subscription will cost £9.99 per month.

Meanwhile OnLive Go is aimed at MMOs and virtual worlds. This white label service gives developers the options to add an instant start to their online games, giving consumers immediate access to a game without the need for downloads. OnLive Go titles can also be included in the PlayPack, OnLive’s pay monthly bundle of more than 250 titles. It also enables lower-end hardware such as basic laptops and tablets to play more intense online titles via streaming.

The first tile to use OnLive Go is Second Life, with SL Go, a mobile viewer app, currently in open beta. 

Crucially, the original OnLive service – with a selection of individually sold streamed games and the subscription-only PlayPack – is and will still be available. 

In fact, the company proudly claims that OnLive has suffered zero downtime since its launch in 2010 – despite the fact that firm came dangerously close to bankruptcy and laying off all of its employees.

With its death seemingly imminent in August 2012, OnLive was purchased by Gary Lauder of venture capitalist firm Lauder Partners for a reported $4.8m. Since then it has remained quiet while it built on its operations and technology, opened new data services and restructured its management team.

CloudLift and OnLive Go are the fruits of those labours, although time will tell if they will revive interest in the cloud gaming service.

We spoke to OnLive general manager Bruce Grove about what the new services mean for developers. You can read the full interview here.

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