Original Street Fighter movie heading to Blu-ray

February next year looks to be the month where it all happens for Street Figher fans – as if the news of

the console release of Street Fighter IV

wasn’t enough to digest, gamers will now also be able to get their hands on

the Blu-ray release

of 1994 movie epic Street Fighter.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have missed out on the live-action masterpiece, it starred ‘The Muscles from Brussels’ Jean-Claude Van Damme as US Air Force hero Guile and sexy poplet Kylie Minogue as British Special Agent Cammy. People may have told you it was rubbish, but they are wrong.

Dubbed The Street Fighter: Extreme Edition, the Blu-ray release will boast 1080p Kylie loveliness. 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound, as well as a host of extras including a ‘Making Of’ documentary, deleted scenes, director commentary and BD Live support.

Double the Van Dammage indeed.

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