Over 500 missions – the staggering scope of Grand Theft Auto Online

Forget smartphones, the economy or stock shortages – the biggest threat to the next generation of consoles could be Grand Theft Auto V.

The latest issue of GameInformer (as reported by CVG) has a host of details about the upcoming GTA V expansion Grand Theft Auto online, chief of which is the fact that it includes some 500 missions.

The main thrust of GTA Online will be to make money with which players can acquire assets like cars and real estate.

The 500 missions will include almost” all of the activities found in the main game including heists, robberies, assaulting gang hideouts, base-jumping and races. Depending on the type of missions you favour, the game will offer up an increasing number of similar mission types.

The game will be populated dynamically, prioritising friends and crewmembers followed by people of a similar skill level. At the same time players will be able to have complete control over who they do and do not play with. Speaking of which, the leader of a crew gets to decide how the rewards are divvied up at the end of a mission.

Befriending characters will offer certain upgrades – biker gangs may come to your aid, for instance, and buddying up with a tech-head can result in you being hidden on other player’s radars.

Players will also be able to interact with the game via voice, an example given being able to make a cashier hurry up during a robbery by shouting at them.

The actual narrative of GTA Online takes place after GTA V, although while characters will see a progression of sorts there isn’t a concrete story with a conclusion.

A passive mode is available for those who don’t want to be attacked by other players, although it will be automatically deactivated if a player fires their weapon. It’s also a good idea to deposit your cash in the bank, too, as other players will be able to rob you. And if you are attacked you will be free to place a bounty on the guilty party’s head.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released next week on September 17th. Grand Theft Auto Online will be activated by an additional download available on October 1st.

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