Las Vegas event could tie in with final launch of the game

Persson opens vote on ‘Minecraft conference’

Markus Persson, the Swedish creator of Minecraft, is considering opening a dedicated Minecraft conference in Las Vegas.

He proposes that the event, tentatively scheduled for November 11th, would tie in with the release of a final, complete version of Minecraft.

He has set up a vote on his blog to see if there is an interest in his idea.

“We’re thinking about how to celebrate reaching the [ful game] release on 11/11/2011,” Persson wrote on his personal blog.

“There’s also a significant lack of a MinecraftCon this year. Perhaps we can combine them?

“So we’re thinking of perhaps setting up a MinecraftCon in Las Vegas on 11/11/2011, with all of Mojang going there, and us pushing out the final release live on stage or something.”

Persson estimated that tickets to the event would "probably cost about 90 dollars per person, excluding hotel room and travel costs".

Indie games sensation Minecraft has made over £19 million for its creator Markus Persson so far, according to the Swedish developer.

Persson explained the early edition of the title had sold about 800,000 copies at €9.95 each, while a later version – sold at €14.95 – had been purchased over a million times.

These transactions would mean Persson has made £19.2 million in revenues from the game.

A full-featured, final release of the game has been in the works for a number of months.

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