Activation codes to prevent sale of pre-owned games and new Kinect to ship alongside console, claim sources

Report: Next Xbox will require internet connection

Microsoft’s next Xbox will require a constant internet connection to work, according to a report.

Sources “with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next-generation console" told Edge that a new version of Xbox Live would play an “integral” role in the new console, suggesting digital distribution will play a bit part for the hardware.

It was also claimed that a new version of Kinect would ship alongside the console, and that games for the new hardware would be manufactured on 50gb Blu-Ray discs.

The sources said that each disc will come with its own activation code, meaning only the initial user can install and play the game. This effectively stops the ability for users to sell or buy second-hand games.

As also previously reported, the next Xbox’s specs are said to feature an AM eight-core x64 1.6ghz CPU, 8gb of DDR3 RAM and D3D11.x 800mhz graphics.

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