Develop 2010: The Monkey Island Legend talks the benefits of a multi-project studio structure

Schafer: Four titles are underway

Double Fine president and founder Tim Schafer has used his Develop Conference keynote to reveal that his studio currently has four unnamed titles underway, which are being handled by a number of different publishers.

He also praised the benefits of working with multiple publishers on multiple projects.

In the gag-packed session titled ‘Successful, Creative, GSOH’ , the Monkey Island veteran Schafer stated: "Having multiple projects is new to us and its great."

Schafer described how staying with one publisher for an extended period can "start to feel like a strange parent child relationship".

"When you have multiple publishers it feels far healthier in that way," he said, later adding: "It gives you more chances to have that hit game."

"Having multiple publishers lets you improve your processes faster, and you can get in and out faster so you avoid things that happen at publishres, like company reshuffles."

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