Sony controller now supported as standard on Steam

Steam new update includes native DualShock 4 support

Valve has put out a new build of its Steam digital distribution and application programming interface, with a host of improvements and fixes. Notable in this release is the pile of improvements it’s brought in for Gamepads, including native support for Sony’s PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller.

This is a step forwards for games that don’t have DualShock 4 support themselves, and for those that are already providing support for Sony’s controllers there are options for developers to turn off Steam’s compatibility layer.

If not, you can take advantage of Steam’s customisation interface for the Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock controller, which uses a similar interface to the Steam Controller and will allow users to map functionality to the DualShock 4’s motion-sensing gyroscope or trackpad interface. This means you could lean around corners by tilting your pad, or more realistically, bring

There’s a few other bits and pieces to include gamepad support here too, including "joystick mouse" support and the ability to change the LED colour and brightness of any compatible devices.

Many of these functions have been available using third-party software for a while, but it’s heartening to see that we’re getting closer to a world in which you can plug your DualShock 4 into the computer using a USB wire and just have everything work out. Away from gamepads, there are some higher-bandwidth options for 4k in-home streaming, improvements to Steam’s Big Picture mode and improved UI navigation when using Oculus Touch controllers within SteamVR. Why not take a look at the full release notes?

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